Premium Quality Denim High Waist Stretchy Skinny Denim Jeans JV18015(3 colors)(S M L XL)

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6 per pack, 2*S, 2*M, 2*L


  • High Waist Closure

This jean has a high rise closure and will surely cover your tummy. Of course, you will not worry about your tummy. The high waist closure will hide your tummy making you look slim and sexier!

  • Stretchy and Skinny Fit

These high waist skinny jeans feature stretch material which allows for a slim fit working. It has back pockets and a buttoned zipped front closure.

  • Versatility

The beauty of this high waist skinny denim jean lies in its versatility. It will go well with any outfit. It doesn’t matter whether you wear it with a pair of an oversized blouse or leather jackets it will go all well.

  • Super Comfortable Wear

The material of these High waist skinny jeans fits is stretchy and thus fits like gloves. Its comfort makes it suitable to wear from morning to evening. It is excellent for work business traveling or even just lounging around your house due to their comfy nature!

  • Sexy!

These high waist skinny denim jeans will give you that sexy feeling from the slim look. The high waist covers your tummy and will make you look slim and sexy! You will surely stun everyone when you were them with hot stilettos.

Say hello to your new favorite pants! The High waist skinny denim jeans is perfect for you since it can go well with any outfit!

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